You can book both private and group lessons.

Train on your own premises or in a dancing studio.

In my Flamenco classes it is all about learning dancing techniques and interpretation of the musical arrangement. Lessons start with performing the right movements, but only change into true Flamenco dancing once feeling and expression are made visible.

All people are welcome in my classes – novice and experienced dancers, adults and children – with private or group instructions in Dutch, English or Spanish. If you would like to know more about my Flamenco classes or dance recitals, please send me an email message via

During lessons I focus at basic training of precise and vigorous footwork, gracious arm movements, a correct posture and the right feel for rhythm. Adding new learnings to the basics, step-by-step. Like backwards petal plucking. But always in consideration of the pace of your learning, as having fun is equally important.

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